Health & Wellbeing

Our health and well being programmes aims to tackle the risk of obesity and chronic illness such as Coronary Heart Disease, diabetes, stroke etc. by promoting the benefits of physical activity and healthy living. In this way, we help to meet the needs of local communities.

Through our projects we wish to improve quality of life by reducing isolation and engaging people in sports and fitness activities to enhance their health and well-being. Being physically active reduces the likelihood of developing chronic diseases, some cancers and some forms of dementia, or delays their progression.

Taking part in regular physical activity improves mental health, maintains muscle strength and flexibility, reduces the risk or impact of falls, and retains independence. Physical activity, particularly through sport, recreation and fitness, also provides an essential opportunity for social connection, fun and laughter.

We provide a range of services to promote healthy living including:

  • Sports activities and fitness classes
  • Healthy eating and cooking classes
  • Workshops on coronary heart disease (CHD), mental health, cancer, quitting smoking and diabetes